Forfend GBIT for vehicles

Be in touch with your vehicle

intelligent vehicular communication

Vehicle theft protection

Real time alerts on engine activity

Detect ignition activation of vehicle engine from anywhere

Transmit the activation information to owner in real-time

Transmit the real-time location of moving vehicle to owner continuously

Enable engine immobilization from anytime and anywhere

Emergency Assistance

Alert family members with ease

Enable vehicle drivers to alert their emergency contact through press of a button on a bike

Transmit real-time location of vehicle along with the emergency assistance request

More relief for vehicle owners and parents

Vitals Monitoring


Monitor trip level and cumulative mileage to keep the vehicle performance in check

Engine oil level

Continuously monitor engine oil level to maintain engine health

Distance on remaining fuel

Predict the expected kilometres vehicle can travel to prevent being stranded

Trip Info.

Visibility into the distance travelled and locations visited

Fueling History

Visibility into last fuel filled date and location patterns to plan fuel refilling trips

Next service date

Timely notification on upcoming service date to plan vehicle servicing schedule

features you will love


Enable dealers, auto-makers and insurers to provide value added services


Ensure safety & care with AI driven insights using vehicle health vitals


Provide correlated trends and actionable insights to dealers & insurers

Real Time Alerts

Prevent theft and alert your loved ones and police faster when in emergency

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