Forfend Smart Service Station

Powering Auto Dealerships to Digitally Engage with customer with AI + IoT

COMBAT COVID-19 With HiTech Disinfection Bay

intelligent vehicular communication

WhatsApp Chatbot for Riders

Booking to Payments at finger tips

     Book using WhatsApp based chat intelligent Bot

     Service suggestions based on vehicle history

     Register vehicle issues and service needs from home

     Just drop the vehicle at service centre

Realtime Service Management

Engage Customer and Manage your service station in realtime

Send realtime service status to the customer

Share photos digitally for approvals in App

Know location wise service data like # vehicle in each stage, customer feedback

Kiosks for Mechanics to register work status

Get instant service Feedback and Respond


Attract and Retain Service Customers

Service Insights

Mechanic Perforamnce

Manage the performance of each Mechanic in terms of vehicle turnover and revenue earned

Advisor Performance

Manage Advisor vehicle registrations and customer feedback on Advior

Vehicle Model based

Analytics at vehicle model Level on types of complaints, revenue, and customer feedback

Financial Performance

Monitor and manage the financial performance of service station at each location level

Feedback Analysis

Analyse the customer feedback and respond to the feed back in real time.

Hygiene Management

Monitor the staff and Service station hygiene levels real time.

features you will love

Customer Connect

WhatsApp based customer connect for Booking, Service Status, Complaints , Digital Payment and Feedback

Service Management

Multi-location view of service station operations. Monitor vehicle status, financials, customer feedback and other productivity metrics in real time

Service Station Hygiene - Combat Covid-19

Hitech UV bay for Disinfecting vehicles during check in and check out.

Service Insites

Analytical reports on the performance of Mechanics, Advisors w.r.t throughput, customer feedback and financials. Actionable insights for Management

Service Delivery

Get instant service feedback , Accept Digital Payements

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