Improve member experience with co-working spaces
Cashless Co-Working Spaces

Employees pay for many in-premise services, be it in a large corporate office or a new age co-working space. The most common place they spend the money at is the in-premise food joint catering to various ‘tastes’ of the office goers.

In a co-working place, Member pays for many other services, such as:

  1. Seat usage
  2. Meeting room usage
  3. Food & beverage
  4. Printing
  5. Paid events
  6. Concierge services

These services can be categorized into two types:

  1. Book and Use– Seats, Meeting Rooms, and Events
  2. Use on the Go– Food Expenses, Printing and Concierge services

All these transactions usually happen either through cash payment or a credit card or coupons like Sodexo. Here is the big change.

The Membership card issued by Co-working space can double up as a Payment card cum access control card. This way, the members needn’t have to carry an extra card or cash for in-premise payments.

The Co-working space can provide a portal thru which the members load money into their cards through credit card. The members can swipe their card and pay for any of the services.

If the member wants to book and use service like the meeting room, the co-working space can install the reader at the meeting room. The access to this meeting room can be enabled for membership cards who have booked the meeting room through the portal. The charges for meeting room usage can be automatically deducted from the money loaded to the membership card.

The same method can be used for printing services and events.

For on the go payments like food, the reader can be installed at the Food desk and Members can swipe their membership card to pay for the food. The Co-working space can run a simple weekly settlement process to pay the external vendors.

Members get a monthly report on the types of services they have used and amounts they have paid for.

This ensures that the entire in-premise payment process a completely cashless and hassle free process for the employees.

Key Features

The key features of in-campus cashless payment systems:

  • Multipurpose Membership card – Membership, Access, Payment
  • App/Web-based money load facility to the card
  • Wireless readers at the service points like Food Counters, Meeting Rooms, Printers
  • Reports with the service-wise earnings for the Co-working space
  • Reports with monthly spend split up for the Members
  • Cashless settlement with external vendors
  • Multi-location services of co -working space – a single membership card can be used at multiple locations for all the services

The Benefits

The benefits of the Membership card being used for payments are:

  1. A 100% cashless transaction in-premise
  2. Co-working spaces can monetize many services
  3. Co-working spaces can Control the usage of service and same time ensure easy payment process for the member
  4. The settlement with external vendors is cashless
  5. Vendors themselves do not have burden of cash management and loss due to theft

Members can track the usage/payment for the various services

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